English Code-mixing in the Thai Television Series “The Diary Tootsies The Series Season 2”

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Nattapon Kuptanaroaj
Sirimon Srinoparut
Kannika Chomaithong
Busakorn Vichulta


This research aims to investigate the most frequently used types of English code-mixing found in The Diary Tootsies The Series Season 2, a Thai television series winning many awards such as Line TV Top Most Viewed Award 2018, along with the study of the nativized features of English code-mixing. The analysis was based on six-classification frameworks applied by Kannaoakun and Gunther (2003) presenting Truncation, Hybridization, Conversion, Semantic shift, Reduplication, and Word Order respectively. From 256 words found, the results showed that noun (55.08%) was used the most in the intra-sentential code-mixing. As regards the nativized features, the findings revealed that truncation was found the most at 27 words (30.68%), followed by 26 words (29.55%) of hybridization, 20 words (22.73%) of semantic shift, ten words (11.36%) of reduplication, three words (3.41%) of word order, and two words (2.27%) of conversion.

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