Metafiction in Short Stories: (Ruang Bang Ruang Mo Tee Ja Pen Ruang Jing Mak Kwa) by Chamlong Fungchonjit

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เกสตุณี มั่นชาวนา



            The objective of this study is to examine characteristic of the metafiction significantly used in postmodern short stories entitled “เรื่องบางเรื่องเหมาะที่จะเป็นเรื่องจริงมากกว่า” written by Chamlong Fungchonjit. The result revealed four patterns of the metafiction; 1) fiction which contains fiction within it 2) fiction which comments itself
3) fiction which calls attention to its own fictional status and 4) fiction which experiments with its own form as a way of creating meaning. The use of these patterns is to reflex social issues in various aspects related to dramatically changing globe influenced by both media and stories. These evidences discover complexity of the social narrative which is artfully made with the writer’s intention.  And, it can be said that these valuable short stories contain profound pattern with interesting contents, allowing readers to better understand postmodern social context.


Keywords: Metafiction, postmodern, Short story, Chamlong Fungchonjit

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