“Crash Landing on You”…การสื่อสารเรื่องราวความรักและสันติภาพผ่านการเล่าเรื่องแบบนิทาน

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Supatra Boonpanyarote


The exultantly mediated phenomenon of the "Crash Landing on You", a series from South Korea, were launched via Netflix from December 2019 - Febuary 2020. Consecutively, it became overwhelmingly acclaimed throughout South Korea, Asia, Europe as well as United States of America. The author of the article used a method to watch each episode of the series and analyzed its content with a talelike storytelling concept. The analysis results showed that this achievement is on account of the juxtaposition of talelike narration with simulated reality that lets the audience escape into the retreatful realm of talelike happiness. Concurrently, the content along with the presentation of a series was capable of communicate the hope of peace in both South and North Korea through the roles, scenes and love stories between a South Korean woman and a young North Korean soldier, a love on the edge of unfulfillment. However, literature carries on a function to bestow hope upon humans. Therefore, the audiences’ anticipation of dramatis personae to fulfill their love, even if they have to endure various limitations. This is the image of hope in peace of which people try to achieve at the expense of tolerating some constraints.Nevertheless, "Crash Landing on You" is considered as a one of political instrument through soft power which South Korean producer implements to speak out to the world that "My country is still trying to create peace with North Korean"

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