History of Indian Ocean : History of The Region Approach.

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Peeraya Mahakittikun


“The History of Indian Ocean” derived from the research which presenting method of History of The Region. It specified the nucleus of Indian Ocean to be the center of education, emphasizing on the development and interaction of people through merchandising from the edge of the Ocean which interact with Subcontinent India and territorial waters, from the Malabar Coast on the West to the Africa continent and nearby islands and from the East Coromandel until territorial waters of South East Asia. These happened in the period of the beginning of century A.D. to the 14th century. The main point that the author wrote is remarkable and interesting in the way of interdisciplinary study method and the result of it which leads to the new knowledge discovery and widen the view of those knowledge that can be adapted for both Thai and South East Asian History Studies.

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