The Identities of Graduates in Postmodern Era

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นวรัตน์ ก๋งเม่ง


This research aimed to investigate the individuation of graduates and the impact of power practice on the individuation of graduates in the postmodern era and to discover approaches for determining the identities of graduates in the world of education in the postmodern era. The research was conducted on the basis of qualitative methodology. Data were obtained from in-depth interviews with administrators and lecturers in higher education institutions, employers who hired graduates, Thai graduates, and current students in Thai higher education institutions.

The result revealed that graduates’ identities were formed through social process and their families. Globalization was found to be a significant power affecting the determination of their identities. An appropriate approach for determining graduates’ identities was to encourage graduates to apply IT and communication and to promote creative thinking and public mind among graduates so that they could help others and work for society. Government organizations were recommended to encourage the improvement of learning management or the creation of educational innovation among educational institutions and as a tool to promote students’ learning process so that they could apply their knowledge in real-life contexts and current situations.

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