Entering Government Service of Indians in the reign of King Rama V: A Reflection on Identity Formation of Overseas Indians in Siam

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     This article examines the factors that make overseas Indians come to work with the Siamese government. This will see the picture of the Indians who came to live in Siam during the reign of King Rama 5 that was different from the Indians who entered the trade. Or come into labor This request to enter the government represents an attempt to establish the identity of Indians in new territories through government service. Using document research methods, both the primary documents of the Metropolitan Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Including secondary documents such as thesis, articles and related books.

     The results of the study showed that Indians who requested to come to serve in Siam Divided into 3 groups: Indians who come to apply for civil service, police, medical and engineering. This will show a career that Indians are capable of, but have less opportunity and progress than the British colonists. The entry into service in Siam by the Indians. It is an important opportunity and hope in living or working in order to progress and show potential. Factors from Indian society and the situation of the need for manpower of Siam Causing Indians to apply for work in order to build their identity through the Siam bureaucracy This is a reflection of the adjustment of the Indians going through the limitation of social rights. And show that Westerners and Siamese people know the identity of the Indians as capable as the British or other Western nations. It also shows that even Indians receive a traditional education. West But still maintains their ethnic and religious identity This is the identity of the Indians who have created a new land that will be able to advance and gain the respect of a modern social career. Without being absorbed in Western culture.

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