Folklore "Momotaro" to Okayama City

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Pimhatai Boonpanyarote


MOMOTARO is a famous Japanese folk tale in Japan and many counties since the past until now. Form of the narrative is one speaker to other speakers, for example, Roll paper pictures, tales, textbooks, As well as media such as cartoons, anime, and movies. From details of an incredible and interesting story of a hero boy born from peach and travels to defeat the giant with his three minions. In this story, there are many things to follow and searching about the birth of the main character of the protagonist a boy Momotaro. The obtaining, which is subordinate to the three minions. the pheasant, the dog, and the monkey after giving a Kibidango and that ordinary people with animals travel to defeat the giants, etc. But this incredible long tale is compared to the stories in the past that appear in the records of the Kojiki which a history books and the Ura myths. It was found that the connection of the characters that appear in the Momotaro folklore is likely to be adapted from that myths. So that myths reflect the faith of Japan in the gods coming out of myths through this story. And besides the characters, it was also found that the real location from the tale situation in this folklore was Okayama. Therefore, in this article, I would like to present the tale and history of the Momotaro folklore, as well as presenting the myth of the Momotaro of sightseeing in travel route in Okayama.

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