(Exporting Problems and Barriers of Thai Processed Food Products to ASEAN Markets)

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เนตรนภา ไวทย์เลิศศักดิ์


This study aims to investigate problems and barriers facing small and medium-sized exporters of processed food products in Thailand to ASEAN markets. The findings from qualitative research by interviewing with 10 entrepreneurs and those who are responsible in this industry, both public and private sectors, and the surveys in five ASEAN countries during December 2012- May 2015, the authors found that the ASEAN markets for processed food products can be divided into three categories: markets that rely on products from Thailand; markets that show the demand exceeds supply in the country; and markets that local producers are strong. In addition, the most important export problems experienced by those firms were associated with the corporate capability, particularly,product management and production management, and the government capability, particularlythe lack of information related to exports and information about destination markets, and the lack of effective national export policies. Avenues for future research are discussed along with managerial and public policy implications

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