RSU Chinese Language Major Program in the Context of Chinese-oriented ASEAN and its Current Development Feasibility

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姚月燕 姚月燕


This paper introduces the concept of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) first, then analyses the important position China occupies in ASEAN‟s economic, trade, investment, tourism and other aspects, in addition to elaborating the economic and cultural background of “Chinese Hot” in ASEAN. According to the collected data, this paper attempts to investigate the degree of “Chinese Fever” in some countries of ASEAN where more people speak Chinese, especially in Thailand. Current situations of Chinese influence in ASEAN are illustrated. Then, under the situation of “Chinese Fever” in ASEAN, a concrete analysis about the development status and trends of the Chinese Department of Rangsit University are justified in six aspects: subjectivity of teaching, teaching content, educational methods, language environment, quality and quantity of students, and the local and international communication. Finally, this paper pin points existing problems from three aspects: teachers‟ quality, international communication, teaching materials, together with possible recommendations.

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