Persuasive Speech Strategies Used in the Advertising of Bird's Nest Nutrition and Health Products

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บุญเลิศ วิวรรณ์
รุจิรา เส้งเนตร


The researchers found that there are eight persuasive speech strategies used in the advertising of bird's nest nutrition and health products: 1. Use of vocabulary, such as pronouns, the vocabulary about taste, the bird's nest components, the benefits of taking bird's nest, the labels, the borrowed words, the use of problems and words reuse; 2. Basic words use, such as the basic words use in the reference role; the basic words used to describe existing things; the basic words used to describe the value of good things; 3. For references. Such as enterprise references, individual and unit references, literature references, nation references and quality references; 4. Use of metaphor. It is used to produce contrast and see the product quality more clearly in the persuasive speech; 5. Use of exaggeration. The use of exaggeration in advertising to persuade the audience to have a good impression of the product; 6. Use of pictures. It includes pictures of natural scenery, pictures of people, products or trademarks, pictures of products and units, separate product pictures and pictures with product descriptions; 7. Use of color. There are two kinds of colors which are the color in words and the color appearing in advertising pictures; 8. Use of symbols. The use of symbols in pictures or product pictures and the use of Thai symbols and borrowed words symbols in billboards.

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