A Study of Speech Acts of the Main Villains in the Animated Movies of Walt Disney Animation Studios

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Nattapon Kuptanaroaj


This research aims to explore the illocutionary acts produced by the main villains in the animated movies of Walt Disney Animation Studios. This study employed the qualitative research methods to characterize the nine villains' illocutionary acts in Disney animations and specify the frequency of the illocutionary acts produced by the nine villains. The analysis was based on Searle (1969) regarding fives types of illocutionary acts comprising representatives, directives, commissives, expressives, and declaratives. From 361 utterances, the result showed that directives were found the most for 132 utterances (36.6%), followed by 112 utterances of representatives (31%). The next 60 utterances were expressives (16.6%); 46 utterances of commissives (12.7%), and 11 utterances of declaratives (3%).

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