English Code-Mixing in the Series “The Gifted”

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Pawarisorn Somsin


This study aimed to investigate English-Thai code-mixing found in all episodes of the series, “The Gifted” (2018), episode 1 to 13, produced by GMMTV, and available on Netflix. This study emphasized only English words, phrases, and sentences as data which were analyzed using two frameworks: Kannaovakun and Gunther (2003)’s nativized features and Ho (2007)’s classification strategies. In terms of nativization of English based on Kannaovakun and Gunther (2003), there were 23 English code-mixing items that embraced nativized features. The highest frequency was displayed by hybridization (43.47%), followed by truncation (30.43%) and semantic shift (13.03%), respectively. According to the result based on Ho (2007)’s framework, the majority was displayed by lexical words (68.86%, followed by proper nouns (16.03%) and short forms (5.66%), respectively.

Keywords: English code-mixing, Nativization of English, Series

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