Book Review: Emotion Control

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Chalasai Gunmintra


Emotion control, written by Song Xiaodong, a professor in emotional intelligence and a writer, is one of the best sellers from China, and is translated in Thai by Kanyarat Jirasawat. The author portrayed his knowledge and his life experience. Some of which has happened in the usual daily life of anybody, for instance, family, job, studying, as well as communication aspects. This book, nevertheless, is not a textbook nor an academic paper but rather a concept about the psychology of happiness from his studies, and also a proposal on the execution in real-life situation. Not only the language used there is very easy to understand, but also there is a tangible example to support in each section. The book consists of various psychological concepts such as emotional intelligence, emotional control, positive thinking, and self motivation. Emotional control is not too difficult to execute. One can start by trying to understand what they feel, practicing, and striving to be more skilled at it. This could lead to better emotional management to one self.


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