An Analysis of the Textbook 《中国古代文学史教程》

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อารดี เก้าเอี้ยน
Yinsheng Li


                  This research aimed to study the Chinese literature textbook’s structure and content arrangement. The data in this research was collected by gathering all the contents from the textbook entitled “中国古代文学史教程”, and used the documentary research method to analyze the textbook. From the research, the result revealed that the textbook was arranged according to China’s historical chronology. The textbook was consisted of main content section and supplementary content section, which were linked together. The main content section included the introduction part, the literary works part and exercise part. The supplementary content section included literature knowledge and more famous works. Furthermore, the textbook also provided glossary in both sections. Nevertheless, the textbook had some drawbacks, which were the lack of explanation about China’s historical background, Chinese literature of some eras, and some genres appearing in the textbook were limited, the textbook lacked meaningful explanations and literary analysis. Therefore, based on the research’s result, the author provided some suggestions for compiling Chinese literature textbook in the last part of the article.

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