The development of supplementary reading book on Thai culture for Thai-Korean students

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Dachan Lee
Nition Pornumpaisakul


The objectives of this article are: 1. To create Thai culture supplementary reading book for Thai-Korean students, which can help Thai-Korean students to develop knowledge of Thai language and Thai culture. 2. To find the Thai-Korean students satisfaction rate towards the supplementary reading book on Thai culture. The researcher used One-shot case study as a research method, which is an experiment on a single target group. The research results found that supplementary reading book had the performance value of E1/E2 = 84.46/83.92, which reached the specified criteria E1/E2 = 75/75. The satisfaction score of the target group had an average of 4.88, which was the maximum satisfaction rate. This showed that the research tool helped Thai-Korean children to develop Thai reading skills and understand Thai culture. Therefore, the supplementary reading book could be used as a teaching medium for Thai – Korean students.

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