Influences of online TV drama to love life of Chinese female generation-z

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Danhua Zhu
Taksina Chai-ittipornwong
Panom Wansiri


This research aims to explore the adaptation of Chinese TV drama to the popularity of online media by interviewing the experts in TV drama production and business, and examine the influences of online drama to the love life of Chinese female generation Z. Coupled with 5 dramas as cases study for getting lists of love-life performances shown in the dramas and the social norms in relevance, a questionnaire survey is used for the gen-Z’s opinion on their love life, including sextual intercourse, lover, and marriage. The findings are that TV dramas have been absolutely converged with online applications, more commercialized in production, and transferred to digital-marketing-business format for customized audience. Using social media language, faster storytelling, and a push of heat-network-index for pay-per-view increase as mainstream income are found in the TV drama adaptation. The others are drama is the favorite entertainment in life of Chinese female gen-Z, theme of love life is still popular for online audiences, and TV drama has low impact on the love life of Chinese female gen-Z, especially in lover and marriage aspects. The possible influences of TV drama include having sex with the lover and dreaming of a romantic moment of wedding party. The norms of love life in sexual intercourse and marriage are considered significantly, and highly concerned to lover aspect.    The research also found that the Chinese female gen-Z is totally against the norm that happy marriage referring to a woman’s success.

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