English code-mixing in the films directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit

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Nattapon Kuptanaroaj
Jirayut Thangjit
Witsanuphong Suksakhon
Sirimon Srinoparut


This research aims to study characteristics and the most frequently used types of English code-mixing in the films directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattarit, including “Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy” (2013), “Heart Attack” (2015), “Die Tomorrow” (2017), “Happy Old Year” (2019), and “Fast & Feel Love” (2022), along with the study of the nativized features of English code-mixing. The investigation utilized six classification frameworks proposed by Kannaoakun and Gunther (2003), which included truncation, hybridization, conversion,
semantic shift, reduplication, and word order. The analysis of 463 words revealed that the most frequently used in the intra-sentential code-mixing were nouns at 259 words (55.94%). Regarding the nativized features, the results showed that truncation was the most common at 60 words (50.42%). This was followed by hybridization at 29 words (24.37%), conversion at 14 words (11.76%), semantic shift at 10 words (8.40%), reduplication at 4 words (3.36%), and word order at 2 words (1.68%) respectively.

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