An Analysis of Transliteration Used in Poetry and Short Stories of 25 Thai Authors, the Winners of S.E.A. Write Award during Four Decades

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นารีรัตน์ บุญช่วย


The objective of this study is to analyze Transliteration, particularly the words transliterated from English in poetry and short stories used by the 25 Thai authors, the winners of S.E.A. Write Award (Southeast Asian Writers Awards which is designed to honour leading poets and writers in the ASEAN region), including 13 poets and 12 short story writers during four decades (1979-2016). This study demonstrates the significant data by investigating the frequencies of occurrence of English loanwords, particularly only one type of loanwords called Transliteration used by the 13 poets and 12 short story writers, the winners of the S.E.A. Write Award in their literature or literary works. Moreover, the comparisons of the frequencies of occurrence of Transliteration used by these 25 Thai authors in their literature or literary works in each decade (1980-1986, 1987-1996, 1997-2006, and 2007-2016) are shown. Finally, the reasons why the frequency of Transliteration used by them was varied, or what factors were significant in selecting to use Transliteration in their literary works are analyzed.

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