Development of E-Learning Courseware on Business Speaking (THA 227) Thai Department Faculty of Liberal Arts Rangsit University

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ศนิวาร วุฒฑกุล


The purposes of this research were: 1) to develop and assess the efficiency of the application of e-learning in the courseware title “Business Speaking (THA 227)”; 2) to compare the achievement of students before and after using the e-learning; and 3) to examine their attitudes towards the e-learning courseware. The subjects were 26 undergraduate students who enrolled in the second term of the academic year 2016. The instruments used in this research were: 1) e-learning Courseware titled Business Speaking (THA 227), 2) pretest and posttest, and 3) questionnaire asking students’ opinion. The research was conducted by having students try out the e-Learning courseware to determine efficiency. The collected data were statistically analyzed using mean, percentage, standard deviation and T-test. The results of this research indicated that the e-learning courseware titled “Business Speaking (THA 227)” had an efficiency rate of 80.15/87.12 level which was higher than the determined criteria. In addition, the scores of students after using the e-learning were higher than those gained before using the courseware with a statistically significant difference of .05. In addition, the students were found to have good attitude towards the e-learning courseware.

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