Analysis of the Application of Color Psychology Practices in Teaching Mandarin Pridipanomyong International College -Thammasat University

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chunyu wang


The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of color psychology on different fields and specifically it’s suitable use for teaching Chinese as a second language  (CSL /CFL)to foreigners as well. This paper examines the psychological effects of color on memory as it relates to education. The study analyses the effect of colors that have both long-waves and short-waves. Selecting the correct color has the effect of establishing positive emotions and enhancing memory with respect to learning. In this paper, through the study and practical application of color psychology in our teaching, it finally forms a theory about color psychology as one of the auxiliary means in teaching. The combination of educational psychology to study the influence of color is not just a simple cognitive category. Our findings suggest that color-psychological effects are one of the theoretical means to the support our educational activities and can be used to complete teaching tasksmoreeffectively and efficiently .

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