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Keywords: Cloud processing system, non-hard disk operating system


Cloud processing System consists of multiple computers and software. Which called as host and use them as a processing unit. In Normal situation, each host will contain hardware including CPU, memory, hard disk, interfaces and operating system. However, hard disk on host will store operating system of host and it is only point of storage. Data used in working will be separately stored on highly secure system such as SAN. This research aims to study formats of creating could processing system by using host that’s not use hard disk to help facilitate management or changes in operating system’s data of host. This will reduce cost of maintenance, make management easier and support energy management in using cloud processing system. This study measures results and tests the system used in preparing hosts ready to be imported in the cloud processing system and time host uses to start working from shutdown. The findings reveal that the develop system can start the work of host more than the system using little space of hard disk in case of exercising 1 Gbps. LAN and it takes much less time to get the host prepared for importing cloud processing system. Furthermore, it can store data of operating system safer than original system. Therefore, accessing data of operating system can be done from anywhere and improvement, correction or development of operating system is convenient, fast and doable at any time.

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