Context-Awareness on Mobile Learning Virtual Private Network

  • Areerat Songsakulwattana
  • Surachai Deyhing
Keywords: Real-Time messaging, Learning context, Context-Awareness on Mobile Learning, Virtual Private Network, Cached-Context


Currently, the mobile learning concepts about delivering context over wireless network environment had involving and more important in human life. There are several benefits such as low-cost mobile environment, access anywhere and anytime, which lead us to change the learnig way. The traditional in-class teaching approach were shift to adaptive learning paradigm, mobile devices are the key pin to lead mobile-context to human. The teaching and learning services are served by conveying and exploiting individual adaptive interest context, so-called context-awareness on mobile learning over wireless environment. This study propose the model of context-awareness on Mobile Learning Virtual Private network in term of real-time messaging which introduce the architecture of the model to improve congestion load and reduce response latency due to diversity learning-context needed. The mobile learning architecture consisting of the front-end module, the learning hub module and back-end module including caching module to keep adaptive cached-context for balancing load congestion in mobile network environment. These 3 modules including mobile devices in wireless network environment and context-awareness applications to co-operate with underline context management system on mobile virtual private network.

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