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Keywords: International human rights, Islamic human rights


The purpose of this study was to make the comparison between the principles of International human rights and Islamic human rights. This research was a qualitative research with the use of documentary research. It was found that “Human Rights” are the rights that every human being has in equal regardless of race, color, sex, language, religion, belief, birth status, or other status; including the dignity of humanity that both thoughts and actions are not harassment, and the equality of individuals should be guaranteed. On the other hand, as for Islamic human rights, although Islam has not specifically drafted the declaration on human Rights, Islam has stepped beyond the international community and has also focused on human rights to permeate the consciousness and faith with practical application as a part of worshiping God as well as being a good person in Islam. Therefore, human rights in Islam are not considered as a social response; however, Islam may be the echo of those who are unfavorable or those who take advantage of social conflict. Moreover, human rights in Islam are also extant to all humanity without discrimination of nationality, national origin, race, or country. It also has extensive content which covered from the level of consciousness to the social structure.

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