Analytical Study of Translation Editing and Translation Process Applied in “The Corner Shop”

  • ชนัญธิดา นิ่มนิรมานมงคล
  • นครเทพ ทิพยศุภราษฏร์
  • สุชาดา นิมมานนิตย์
Keywords: Translation editing, Translation process, Children’s literature


The purpose of this paper was to study the types of translation editing and translation process applied in the translation of the short story, “The Corner Shop”, in “Book of Ghost Stories” written by Cynthia Asquith, compiled by Roald Dahl and translated by Salinee Kamchan. The corpus of the study was the whole story which was divided into 20 examples. Sanchawai Saibua’s translation editing theory was applied as the framework of the analysis. The findings were classified into two levels: the lexical level and the structure level. The result revealed that the most frequently found editing strategy in the lexical level was word and idiom deletion. The most frequently found editing strategy in the structure level was modification of negative sentences and rearrangement of word order. In addition, literal translation and free translation were found in the target text, but free translation was used mostly to help retain the meanings as well as tones of the original text.