Ways to reduce waste product of Farmer Fresh

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Keywords: Reduce Product Loss, Optimization, System


In order to study the loss of product within the farmer Fresh Shop, the student has explored a factor in the loss of products in the store. The objective is to analyze the cause of loss within the farmer fresh store and reduce the rate of loss of goods in the farmer Fresh shop. This study is a qualitative study. By collecting data from primary data sources. By interviews, employees who are involved in Batnga in stores and secondary resources from study, documents, and research related to performance enhancement to reduce the loss of product rates. The student has then introduced the information gathered to analyse the cause of the shop, lack of planning procedures to operate within the shop for the employee to divide. The responsibility of the work in the workplace results in a redundant operation, allowing employees to use insufficient performance to affect the functionality of the service. Communication and non-self-development As a result, the interior of the shop has increased in the store every month. In this way, the student offers a choice of solutions to reduce product loss by creating a working system within the store to solve problems in the store and to reduce the rate of internal losses. Farmer Fresh

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