Determine Strategies for CCTV system business Case Study of ABC management Company limited

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Keywords: CCTV system, Strategy


The individual study “Determine Strategies for CCTV system business Case Study of ABC Management Company limited” to study the causes of sales decline and find strategies for create a competitive advantage in the long term for company. The study found sale decline due to 1. CCTV systems has higher price than competitors. 2. Manpower is not enough for CCTV system installation 3. Employees are lack of skill and experience for CCTV system installation. In the study, data were collected by group interviews including 5 managers in ABC Management Company limited about business operation, strategy of company, sales, problem and obstacle of company. The study used relate data to analyze industry competitive by using five force analysis. The study determined strategies form data and research of company by SWOT analysis. The study determined 3 level strategy for ABC Management Company limited.
Corporate strategy, using market growth strategy due to the overall cost being cheaper than competitors.
Business-level strategy, using different strategy to develop software, making it more cost-effective than buying ready-made software.
Functional strategy, using marketing strategy set the target group by focusing on B2G and B2B

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