The study of reduce customer complaints and satisfaction survey of Suwanna Riverside Resort

  • วรรณชัย เจริญศรี
Keywords: Reduction, Satisfaction, Solve the problem, Room solution


This study is a solution to study the reduction of customer complaints from our services and customer satisfaction education to the services of Suwanna Riverside. The resort aims to study the causes that cause customer complaints due to many aspects. The concept of the improvement of the 7-step kaizen Work update process has been applied to identify the cause of the incident. 1) Find out the problem 2) analyze the current condition by assessing situation 3) diagnose the main problem of complaint 4) Assign a role to the issue 5 How to do 6) perform a corrective action on the 7) check the result and keep the solution. Therefore, there are four types of issues that can be categorized into the room for service, facilities and atmosphere, and places from the number of complaints of all customers. 120 results of the study showed that the room It is the problem that causes the most complaints. It is a tool for the study of the Sabbath and Fishbone diagrams. In the main cause, the solution was introduced by 4M 1E to help resolve the issue in this time.

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