The study of the strategy for competition of MARGARITAS Company Limited

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Keywords: Competition, Strategy, Swot, Tows, Five Force


The purpose of this study is to study the strategy for competition of MARGARITAS Company Limited. The possibility of using the target group is used. In this research, the population is living in Bangkok and the area. The consumer perimeter is a typical woman data were collected and distributed to 97 sample questionnaires, divided into 2 groups: Group 1, 97 online questionnaires, Group 2 interview form, MARGARITAS company manager. Therefore, the secondary data source was analyzed as percentage and average.
The study indicated that Primary and secondary data collection by interviewing managers And distributed a total of 9 7 samples of questionnaires, part 2 , part 1 , buying behavior of hair care products of customers MARGARITAS Part 2 Information on satisfaction in MARGARITAS hair care products for consumers are general women who come to buy products that reside in Bangkok and its suburbs. Part 1 information found that customers are confident in the quality of the product, choosing to buy products through buying products from facebook and using a money transfer method. Rather than collecting money from the destination Data Part 2 found that customers are satisfied with the brand, easy to remember and use the materials used to make the packaging suitable for the product.
Therefore, to solve such problems Therefore chose to use the strategy to focus on the target group (OS) to solve the problem this strategy can answer the purpose of this study in realizing with MARGARITAS Co., Ltd. to lead the direction in solving future competitive problems.

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