Guidelines for improving procurement plans (Only projects that are capital expenditures) of the Government Savings Bank

  • สิริภัทร วรธรรมดิลก
Keywords: Solving Problems, Procurement, Government Savings Bank


The objectives of this study were to enhance the understanding about the causes and problems in the procurement process causing delays and to investigate practitioners’ opinions towards the procurement in order to improve working plans and processes. The sample of this study was 370 individuals. A questionnaire was used as a research instrument.
The analytic results indicated the respondents had a high level of agreement with individual budget monitoring before a procurement process, well-established planning, certain time framework, and the consistency between planned procurement and actual performance. In terms of regulations and practices, the respondents highly agreed with knowledge and understanding about Procurement Act, Regulations and Ministerial Regulations, analytic ability of procurement ways, procurement rationale, procurement methods and processes, and ability to write desired work specifications. The respondents had the highest level of agreement with prepared operating manual with an unsophisticated and easy manner, clear operating duration. In terms of the trainings and education, the respondents highly agreed with providing education and training to practitioners thoroughly, accurate training content that is consistent to the bank’s procurement practices and related laws. Instructional media to educate procurement should be provided such as e-Learning, etc. Procurement knowledge and news should be publicized via Supplies Division’s website. The respondents had the highest level of agreement with selected lecturers with knowledge and experience in procurement and good responsiveness to the trainees, training practicality without relying on difficult and complicated theories. Traceable system should be provided for procurement monitoring and follow-up.

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