The Use of Anchored Instruction for Chinese Speaking Skills: A Case Study of Travel Agency Staff

  • Mingyao Chen
Keywords: Anchored Instruction, Chinese Speaking Skills, Learners Perception, Language Teaching Method, Adults Teaching


The objectives of this study were to (1) examine the effectiveness of anchored instruction in enhancing students’ Chinese speaking skills and (2) find out the students’ perception towards the use the anchored instruction in enhancing Chinese speaking skills. Mixed methods were employed and 15 adult students were involved in the study using anchored instruction. Six Lesson Plans of 180 minutes each (1 Lesson Plan = 2 Sessions) were used. Anchored instruction was applied and taught for 12 sessions (2 sessions per week) within the time period of one and a half months. The researcher collected the quantitative data through Pre-test and Post-test and collected the qualitative data through classroom observation and perception interview. The quantitative data were interpreted using mean, standard deviation and t-test with p≤0.01 level of significance. The qualitative data were analyzed using the classroom observation and perception interview. The results showed that the use of anchored instruction was effective in improving participants’ Chinese speaking skills and they had positive perception towards the use of anchored instruction in improving Chinese speaking skills.