The Development of Chinese Reading Ability Using Games and Learning Activities for Grades 6 Students

  • Xiaolin Yang
  • Nipaporn Chalemnirundorn
Keywords: Games, Learning Activities, Chinese Language


The objectives of this study were to (1) Examine the ability in reading Chinese pinyin before and after using the games, and learning activities for Grade 6 students. 2) find out the learning satisfaction of Grade 6 students after using games and learning activities. The sample group consisted of 30 students at Grade 6 of a primary school, studying in Semester 2 of Academy Year 2019. The research instruments included 1) four 100 - minute Chinese language learning lesson plans using games and learning activities, 2) Four games, 3) pretest and posttest, and 4)students learning satisfaction interview. Paired sample t-test and Focus Group Discussion Mean standard devichion and Paried sample t-test and for satisfaction analysis.
The results revealed that 1) students’ learning achievement on reading with a game and learning activities of Chinese language after using games and learning activities was a higher than the one before using it with a level of significance at 0.05; the students’ posttest mean ( x = 13.57) and the pretest mean ( =27.03) 2) students had positive satisfaction reading with games and learning activities of Chinese language .Ther reported that they were able to gain knowledge, benefit and their Chinese reading ability with the suitable learning materials.