Roles, Duties and Responsiblities of Company Secretary in Thai Listed Companies

  • ฐานิตา ราชกวี
  • วีณา อนุสรณ์เสนา
Keywords: Company Secretary, Roles, Duties, Responsibilities


The purpose of this Independent Study is to study roles, duties and responsibilities of company secretary of Thailand by documentary. This Independent Study focuses on studying about history concept, role, responsibilities, authority, duly obligation and professional body of company secretary.
The study found several significant points. Firstly, company secretaries in Thailand have increase wide range of roles, duties and responsibilities compare. Secondly, law does not impose any requirements for qualifications, authorities and liabilities of company secretary such as foreign laws which contribute to the problem for selecting the suitable person for the position. Thirdly, there is problem about shortage of professionally qualified company secretary. Finally, there has no professional institute in Thailand in order to promote professionalism and exercise professional supervision.
To develop the profession, the Stock Exchange of Thailand and related agencies should prescribe rules for board of directors about appointment and qualifications of company secretary and code of conducts as a guideline to the company secretary. If the profession is widespread, law should be enacted provisions regarding the company secretary. Furthermore, the author considers that professional body should have established in Thailand