Improving the Warehouse Management Process of Government Savings Bank (Soi Lat Phrao 99)

  • รุ่งทิพย์ เจริญสุข
Keywords: Improving Supplies, Warehousing Process, Government Savings Bank


The objective of this independent study was to enhance the understandings about the causes and problems in the supplies warehousing process of the Government Savings Bank (Soi Ladprao 99) because agencies received delayed parcels, causing the failure to meet the demand. In this study, there were two sources of data. Firstly, primary data were collected to study situation, process, and working procedure, basic problem by observing the behavior of employees while performing their duties and in-depth interviews with employees and the management. Secondary data were collected via academic documents, related articles, theories and research by conducting in-depth interviews with executives, employees and employees of the warehouse with 10 experienced people. The analytic results could lead to the identification of three main causes: 1) poor-organized area management without clear classification and arrangement of supplies, orderliness, leading to the difficulties to supply, time-consuming and wastes, 2) inappropriate supplies procurement that could not meet the organizational demand, and 3) delayed delivery that could not meet the demand because a number of employees and vehicles was insufficient. Therefore, guidelines for solving problems were formulated as follows: 1) outsourcing companies should be hired to fully manage an integrated warehouse system, 2) outsourcing companies should be hired to manage only delivery tasks, and 3) warehouse management process should be improved by maximizing the utilization of existing resources. Including setting clear policies. The results of the study implied that the organization should manage warehouse system by maximizing the utilization of existing resources Including setting clear policies. because this way relies on lower budget than other ways and can be managed effectively. Besides, the organization should adjust area management in appropriate, convenient to supply and classify supplies. Existing personnel should be assigned to appropriate work through job rotation so that every employee can work interchangeably in procurement process, parcels could be reached in time, procurement practices are according to Government Procurement and Supplies Management Act B.E. 2560 and Government Savings Bank’s Regulation No. 628 on Procurement with well-organized procurement planning for throughout operation.

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