Increasing Job Satisfaction of Inflight Service of XXX Airlines

  • วิไลลักษณ์ สำราญมั่นคง
Keywords: Satisfaction, Service, XXX airlines


The two main research objectives are firstly to analyze the cause of decreasing satisfaction, and secondly, to increase the satisfaction of xxx Airlines’ inflight service. The use of marketing mix 7Ps model, which includes variables collected from websites, survey data and interviews are used in conjunction with the cause and effect diagram. This research is analized using descriptive statistic, means and standard deviation to measure the overall passenger service satisfaction and analysed results are approximately 3.9 that’s means the passenger are satisfied of the service they receive.
Furthermore, the means of passenger service satisfaction are decrease compared to both the past and other competitors. The low rating of 3.6 and 3.8 received are of employee and service respectively. From analyzation approach to improve the passenger satisfaction as followed: There needs to be more controlling, training, follow-ups, evaluations and communication between divisions such as marketing, cabin crew and human resource departments and set up the KPI by the rating should higher than 3.9, as well as to decrease the amount of negative comments to less than 41 per year.