Guidelines for Increasing the Number of Holder of Government Saving Banks Credit Card Region 1

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Keywords: Credit card, Government Saving Banks, Strategic Marketing


The purposes of this research aims to study the cause and solution to increase the number of GSB cardholders, Government Saving Bank Region 1. Questionnaire was used as research tool. The sample group is 400 customers of Government Savings Bank Region 1, and from interviewing the Government Savings Bank Region 1, the sample group is 10 customers divided into customers using the GSB credit card. 5 customers and 5 customers who do not use GSB credit cards. Descriptive statistics are presented. The form of the frequency distribution table Percentage, Mean, Standard Deviation and Multiple Linear Regression. To test the relationship between the independent variables is the service marketing mix (7P's) and the dependent variable is the decision behavior used to hold the GSB credit card of the sample group. According to studies, it has been found that Service marketing mix factors (7P’s) on physical, channel, product affecting the decision behavior for holding the GSB credit card region 1. Determine the cause and propose guidelines for increasing the number of GSB credit card holder region 1 is a differentiation strategy 3 way: 1. Product Differentiation, design a new credit card in the form of no card. 2. Place Differentiation Strategy, can apply for a credit card application. Government Savings Bank via Application on Mobile. 3. Physical Evidence Differentiation Strategy, create a difference in both internal and external environment. GSB Credit Card Club and Integrated marketing communication, pulling customers to stimulate the need to use GSB credit cards, to achieve the target of GSB credit card Region 1