The problems of the trend of the reduction of ATM fees

  • ทิวาพร ตนภู
Keywords: ATM fees


The study of the problems of the trend of the reduction of ATM fees of the GSB. Objective to study 1) the causes that affect the reduction of ATM fees, 2) customer financial service behavior, 3) the marketing mix factors affecting the selection of ATM card services and 4) guidelines for increasing income in other areas to replace the ATM of the GSB fee. Collect data using questionnaires from 399 samples. The study indicated that ; during the past 5 years, respondents used the service at the ATM of the GSB to avoid paying fees,the samples have more behavior in using financial transaction services via mobile phones and reduce travel expenses. The way to increase income instead of ATM fees are; 1. Pull Strategy to encourage customers to pay more attention through GSB's MyMo application. 2. Push Strategy to introduce products and services of the Government Savings Bank to all channels and 3. Strategy to develop payment channels through the MyMo application to have greater potential to reach customers thoroughly.