To study problems and to formulate strategies for solving the problem on the sale of Non Performing Asset (NPA) of the Government Housing Bank

  • ธีศิษฏ์ อธินันท์
Keywords: study problems, formulate strategies, Government Housing Bank


The objectives of this independent study are to study problems that result in the decision on purchasing Non Performing Asset (NPA) of the Government Housing Bank (GHB), and to study and evaluate the choices in formulating strategies to systematically solve the problems on sale of NPA of the Bank.
The in-depth interview with samples who were 15 clients (who contacted the Bank in order to purchase NPA of GHB), it is found that the factors which are used in purchasing NPAs of such samples are personal reasons, location, price, property condition and promotion.
The factor that has an impact on purchasing NPA is the lower price of the property of GHB comparing to others; the promotion of 0% down payment for 2 years, and in case of gross purchase, the buyer can make changes to the property prior to transferring an ownership in NPA, and opportunity to make profit in the future.