The study of attitude factors in aesthetic Hedonic value And the Utilitarian value that affects decisions buy consumer office chairs

  • นงนภัส ว่องไว
Keywords: Hedonic value, Utilitarian value, Buying decision, Office chair


The purpose of this study was to study the attitude factors of the Hedonic value and the Utilitarian value that affect the decision to buy the office chair of the consumer By studying all 3 aspects Namely the value of the Hedonic value, the Utilitarian value and the purchasing behavior From the conceptual review Various theories and research related To create a conceptual framework for studying the relationship between variables Which the scope of study from the sample population of 200 people in Bangkok, aged 21 years and over, using questionnaires as a tool to collect data With descriptive statistics and inferential statistics in analyzing the relationship of variables and analyze the reliability with a high reliability of 0.83. The results of the study showed that Mostly female Age between 31-40 years, Bachelor's degree Occupation of private company employees, average monthly income is around 20,001-30,000 baht, the main hypothesis test show that The attitude factor for the Hedonic value affects the decision to buy the office chair of the consumer In one direction, the significant significance 0.05 accepts the hypothesis.