Analysis the causes of shortage and ways to reduce the shortage of equipment Marketing Department XXX Co.,Ltd.

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Keywords: Inventory shortages, shortages, inventory management


The study purpose is a analyzed the causes of shortage and reduce the shortage of equipment for the brochure of XXX Marketing Company Limited. This study is a quqlitqtive study by collecting secondary data from related research journal paper, learning document, textbooks, include coolecting primary data from the observation of the storage process management and documents for the withdrawal of materials, how to interview the targent group responsibloe for the equipment management and used as a guideline for studying the causes of equipment shotages. Then the data was analyzed the cause of problem and found that there was a problem with inventory management. The device is a material that is easily damaged. Personnel do not follow the rules and there is not clear work process. Which has proposed alternative solutions by managing new inventory and to adopt such alternatives to prepare indicators and plans for further work.