Guidelines for the Development of the Potential of Salespersons that Affecting the Sales of Corporate Wealth Customers

  • ปฐมพล อ้นขวัญเมือง
Keywords: Goal, Performance, Investment


The purpose of this research is to study and find solutions to problems that Salespersons are not able to do the work from selling according to the organization's criteria and find ways to increase the potential of the salespersons to be able to perform the work according to the criteria set by the organization. This research uses data in quantitative and qualitative analysis. Where quantitative data analysis is done to collect data By testing 100 staff members who randomly test the sales staff according to each area that they have knowledge of investment products and testing employees whether they have the knowledge, skills or skills in sales or investment services or not in the information Qualitative, interviewing 5 employees who have achieved their goals and interviewed employees who did not achieve their goals. 5 people searching for work process that employs both groups performing different. Bring the results of the study to find solutions to problems in order to find the most suitable method to help the salesperson to perform better and achieve the goals set by the organization.