Ways to increasing productivity of lime xxx’s farm

  • ปภาพร อุ่นจัตตุรพร
Keywords: productivity, lime, working process


The purpose of this study is to analyze the causes of laborer decrease productivity (lime) less than the average and find the way to increase productivity (lime). This study is a qualitative study by collecting secondary data from research and related articles. The theory concept is used in education to seek to improve and solve problems and collect primary data by interviewing and observing the laborer's work, and then applying the information that is analyzed by the theory to determine the cause of the actual problem and to find solutions to problems. It is found that the cause is from the people's side, which is less effective because most of them are elderly and matter of processes that have a long period of time to wait for productivity and do not plan to work. What will result in low yields or less that should be often from lack of knowledge, skills, and aptitude so it is necessary to develop or improve the process so the choice is to adapt the laborer's process to suit each person. It is used to manage laborer’s work and reduce work problems and can be fully operational for long-term advantage of the garden.