Effects of smoking cessation promotion program on Smoking Cessation Behavior of Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University Students, Kamphaengphet

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Keywords: Smoking cessation promotion program, Smoking Cessation Behavior, Students


This study was the quasi experimental research which its objective was to study the effect of smoking cessation promotion program on smoking cessation behavior of students at Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University. It would compare of knowledge, perceived self–efficacy  and self–efficacy  Behaviour, inside and between the group of the control group and the experimental group, pre–test and  post– test : first post–test at the immediate end of the experiment, the second post – test after the experiment 10 weeks. The sampling group was the students at Kamphaengphet Rajabhat University, who are studying Bachelor's Degree Year 1 - 2. The experimental group was 30 students and the controlled group was 30 students. Both groups came from the different campus in the same university. The experimental group had attend the Program; and then their data was analyzed in average, amount, frequency, percentage, t-test statistic, and repeated measures ANOVA

                Found that Within the experiment, the average score of knowledge about cigarettes Perceived self-efficacy in quitting smoking Expectations of the result of quitting smoking In the experimental group, it was higher than the comparison group and the nicotine level was significantly lower than the comparison group at the level of 0.05.  In the comparison group the 10-week follow-up period found that all 4 aspects were different. And the experimental group had an average score in all 4 aspects which had better results than the comparison group. With statistical significance at the level of 0.05 showed that the results of the smoking reduction promotion program had an effect on smoking reduction behavior of Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University students. Can help smokers to reduce smoking.