A Study of Affective Warning Pictorials Comprehension on Alcohol Container Labels and Motivation to Stop Alcohol Drinking

  • วรัตถา อุทยารัตน์
  • ปภาวี กาษรสุวรรณ
Keywords: Affective Warning Pictorials, Warning Pictorial Design, Alcohol Container Labels


Affective warning pictorials designing on alcohol container labels is essential and has high impact on decreasing the rate of losing the life and property because the warning pictorial design would decrease the chance of alcohol consumption and having accident after drinking. This research was aimed to study the comprehension of affective warning pictorials and the motivation to stop alcohol drinking. Three groups of affective warning pictorials (positive, neutral, and negative) used in this research were from the previous research, in total 30 pictorials. Twenty samples who work in White – Collar group of working participated in this research. Samples were asked to complete the demographic and behavior relate to drinking alcohol questionnaire, hazardous comprehension test, and motivation test. Samples were also need to attend 3 times for 3 sets of affective warning pictorials. Results of this study were reported that samples were able to understand hazardous meaning of alcohol drinking in positive warning pictorial more than neutral and negative warning pictorials. On the other hand, in the negative warning pictorials, samples showed tendency of stop drinking alcohol more than positive and neutral warning pictorials.