Feasibility Study of Buapangfarm 100% American Brahman Bull and Beef Cattle Breed

  • กติญาภรณ์ พลเยี่ยม มหาวิทยาลัยรังสิต
Keywords: Feasibility Study, Cattle Farming


The objectives of this research article were to study the feasibility of Buapangfarm business. American Brahman bull and Beef cattle breed to assess the feasibility of the project. Which consists of Situation analysis Marketing plan, Manpower plan, Operation Plan and Financial plan analysis. From the analysis, it was found that target groups of cattle breeding products Is a medium-sized farm business. And a group of farmers Raising about 30 -50 cattle breed. Including the medium and large abattoir in north east of Thailand. Has a marketing mix is ​​defined which consists of Product strategy, Price, Distribution channels and Marketing promotion of Production capacity. The project has a payback period in 3 years with a net present value (NPV) of 9,083,803 baht and a 45% rate of return on investment (Internal Rate of Return; IRR) Possibility is Suitable for investment.

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