Behavior of Taweechok Saving Account (Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, Chonburi Branch)

  • ปะราลี พรสี่ UTCC
Keywords: Taweechock saving account, Behavior, Increase, Deposit amount


The study of customers saving behavior in the Taweechock saving account.  I have a query on variance 200 people. The data were analyzed by Percentage, Mean and Standard Deviation. And make a summary by assumption of the result will accept or decline. The results of study showed that most people like to save money in Cash Saving Account, Saving lottery. The main reasons for saving the money are “Dealing with Unexpected Expenses” and “The Family Scholarship”. The analysis of marketing mix showed that saving in Taweechock is the most satisfied. But the researcher has to solve the problem of the lower deposit amount that focus on public relations in all channels to create awareness on an increase in the deposit balance. I sincerely hope that this research it will be beneficial for Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (Chonburi Branch), and bring the results of this study to increase deposit balance and make satisfaction of Taweechock saving account.

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