The Feminist movement in Thailand: A case study of empowering women in politics

  • Sirirat Tamrongterakul rungsit university PhD student
  • Witchayanee Ocha
Keywords: Democratic bureaucracy, Government’ political initiatives, Women’s political enthusiasm, Women’s participation in politics


Thailand’s history revealed that women have small space within the political sphere or as decision-making accomplices within the political parties, before and after the democratic bureaucracy since 1932. This paper focuses on the knowledge extracted from the secondary research documents along with focus group discussion to signifying the women’s role in participating directly in politics, to figure out the obstacles and what would be the government’ political initiatives under the constitution towards the empowerment of women in legislative issues, augmented with the proposition to enhance the women’s political enthusiasm and involvement. The results showed that for many reasons, Thai women have a little level of interest in politics and a low participation level in parliament. Finally, this paper proposes some recommendations to the government for future development and strategies to inspire more women's participation in politics.

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