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Keywords: Overdue interest, low product prices, natural disasters, agricultural innovations


This study on rising interest on payments overdue for more than 15 months at BAAC, Sankhaburi Branch, was aimed at determining the causes of debt from interest on payments overdue for more than 15 months, seeking guidelines for systematic solutions based on principles and business management instruments under the bank’s procedures and proposing problems-solving options and action plans. The scope of the study was farmers using the loan services of BAAC, Sankhaburi Branch, in Sankhaburi District, Chai Nat Province, and had problems with debt repayment leading to additional debt from interest on payments overdue for more than 15 months. The primary data collected was from farmer clients of BAAC, Sankhaburi Branch, with interest on payments overdue for more than 15 months in October-December 2020. Data were collected from 100 subjects with questionnaires and from 15 subjects through interviews. The instruments used in this study were questionnaires and interview forms. All data received from the questionnaires were tested for integrity and analyzed by statistical means. Secondary data were collected from a report by the Debt Management Office, Branch Business Management Office and Personal Loans Division. According to the findings, inability to repay BAAC debts on schedule based on data collected from questionnaire respondents was caused by low product prices (51%), droughts and floods (39%), high household costs (9%) and other (1%). Farmers should be supported in planting by zoning and planting drought-resistant crops to reduce losses from droughts. Farmers should be promoted to form groups and change production by using technology, including agricultural machines and engines to reduce production costs and increase the volume of produce in addition to using agricultural innovations to reduce risks from planting season to harvest. In addition, farmers should be supported to develop customer strength by seeking and developing new generations of farmers by promoting customer development in the area of information and knowledge in the field of agricultural technology in collaboration with public and private agencies in order to be able to benefit from the aforementioned data or technology, enhance production efficiency and support future loans.

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