A Study of Biogas Production Potential from Napier Grass

  • อาทิตยา กุวลัยรัตน์ ม.ธรรมศาสตร์
  • ไพรัช อุศุภรัตน์
  • หาญพล พึ่งรัศมี
Keywords: Napier grass, ฺBiogas, Anaerobic digestion


This research aimed to study the potential of biogas production from Napier grass under batch anaerobic digestion. Experiments were conducted in 120 mL serum bottles for 36 days under room temperature (34 ± 5°C). The study was defined to investigate the influence of Napier grass pretreatment with 1.0 %w/v Sodium hydroxide solution at room temperature for 1 day and a different feedstock to inoculum (F/I) ratio of 0.5:1, 1:1, and 2:1 gVS/gVS, respectively. The results demonstrated that cumulative biogas yield of F/I ratio at 0.5:1 gVS/gVS displayed the maximum cumulative biogas yield of 398.67± 15.94 mL/gVSadded and pretreated Napier grass was 52.94% higher than untreated Napier grass. Results of the study was also indicated that Napier grass pretreatment and feedstock to inoculum (F/I) ratio for biogas production are essential factors to consider as it directly affects the potential of biogas production.