Guidelines for increasing the number of service users QR Code of , BAAC, Lat Bua Luang branch.

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Keywords: QR Code, Smart phone, Financial Institution, Digital Banking


Nowadays, technology has played an increasingly important role in daily life. Consumers' financial behavior has changed. As consumers increasingly turn to banking services via smartphones, financial technology (Fintech) has played a significant role in Thailand's banking system. Financial, institutions have to adapt to keep up with technology changes. Therefore, the bank has to develop communication technology to be modern and fast to meet the needs of customers. Entering the modern financial system or Digital Banking. As a result, banks have to face increasing competition. Both from financial institutions themselves and non-financial service providers including telecommunication businesses or companies that provide technology services, Consequently, the bank has to expand the scope of services to become part of the daily lives of customers. By the proportion of the number of QR Code users of BAAC, Lat Bua Luang branch. There is a small number of users compared to the customer database and below the target set by the bank.

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