Overdraft customer base expansion proposed solutions

A case study of Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives Donchai Branch

  • สาริศา อริยะคำ BAAC
  • ธีรข์กรณ์ อุดมรัตนะมณี
Keywords: Overdraft, Customer base expansion, Marketing Mix: 7P’s


This study is problem-based research aims to identify and propose alternative solutions through analysis of business principles and tools in overdraft customer base expansion area. The study is mixed method of quantitative and qualitative research. The purpose of this study is threefold, to determine the root cause of the problem, to study factor affecting overdraft loan decision and to provide purposed and practice solutions. The samples of quantitative research are eighty-eight customers who previously used commercial credit services and thirty nine registered commercial business operators who did not use credit services. The quantitative analysis is done in descriptive statistic, frequency, mean, percentage and standard deviation, and inferential statistics, One-Way ANOVA and correlation coefficient test. The sample of qualitative research are six employees of Bank for agriculture and agricultural cooperatives Donchai branch. The qualitative analysis is done by coding, keyword summary and content interpretation. The results revealed that the cause of the problem is marketing mix factor place, people, physical evidence and overdraft loan perception, five factors, product, price, place, people and physical evidence, are affecting overdraft loan decision at 0.05 confidential level. Since the product and price marketing mix are determined by the Bank for agriculture and agricultural cooperatives head office, they cannot be adjusted. Researchers propose a strategic alternative of aggressive strategy (SO Strategy) through public relations marketing and corrective strategies (WO strategy) employee development training job optimization set a goal target customers improve the place and service.

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